Generation Unsanskaari

A recent article on how youth in India are hacking mainstream culture and what brands can learn from them.

“The number of 40-year-old CMOs chasing 22-year-old consumers in this country is growing. And with it is the marketing machinery that’s spewing out well researched, link-tested, SM-seeded, snazzy productions aimed at engaging this audience. Yet they fail to impress the youth as much as videos uploaded by a tribe of clever college students with low budgets but a sharp point of view. With a series of million-plus hits on Youtube, groups like All India Bakchod and India Viral Fever have hacked mainstream culture and made some space for the real voice of the youth to be heard. Their brand of satirical, sharp and politically incorrect Qtiyappa and Bakchod has hit the right notes and is a rage on social media. And their success reveals a lot about what’s brewing in youth culture and offers lessons for brands on what it takes to make a real connection with this generation.”

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